Politics Korner

This particular Politics Korner goes out to 11th Ward Alderwoman Alma Shazier. When I reached out to your office to ask you about ***hypothetically*** how someone would apply for preferred status under CAFTA to import bulk dead insect shipments from Costa Rica, you dispatched animal control (and human control aka COPS) to my apartment to investigate me for breaking a city ordinance that bans komodo dragons in the city limits.

Well Alderwoman Shazier, tegus are NOT komodo dragons only an ignoramus would make this mistake. For the record, I still regard the komodo dragon ban to be a fascist power grab that I strongly oppose, however I realize that my legal appeals have been exhausted and I do not wish to return to state custody over the matter. So until you pass a tegu ban, bite me.

PS- I still need the help with the CAFTA certification, please call me about that. Pager: (504) 555-1240